So we arrive at what’s left of Dr. Kim’s base camp. Which reminds me to say a few words about traveling around.

Aside from walking, there’s the 4×4. You don’t really drive it, though. The car comes with a GPS system. Three places – Big Mike’s shop, Dr. Kim’s camp, and the Hilihili research center – are already programmed in.

To visit any of those, you simply get in the car. The nav system comes up and you click on your destination. To go anywhere else, you must know the coordinates of the location. So getting around this way is easy, if you have the location.

Getting back to the camp, yep, it was a mess all right. Dr. Kim, however, wasn’t around, dead or alive. There was a locked chest I had to get open (clues available on site), and a radio that needed power.

Couldn’t do anything about that, so after poking around a bit more and turning up some additional info, I took off for Hilihili. Can’t go back to Big Mike’s though; a storm came up and conveniently washed out the bridge.

At Hilihili I met Dr. Craven. Rather an overbearing type, but Nancy, all on her own, applied some flattery and calmed him down a bit. He was willing to trade what I needed in exchange for some pea pods.

This was another of those easy puzzles: just pick twelve of the right pods. So easy, I wonder they included it. Then again, it seems the game alternates between thinking puzzles and rather simple-minded ones like the shell necklace.

Anyway, having obtained what I needed, it was back to the camp to power up the radio. Finally I get in touch with Dr. Kim, but the connection is poor. Lots of static, and I can barely makeout what she’s saying before she signs off. Naturally, I can’t get in touch with her again.

So, having heard not much more than something like “green trigger rock”, I ponder who might know. Maybe the Hardy boys? I give them a buzz and speak with Joe Hardy. He doesn’t know either, but promises to try and find out.

At the end of the call, I’m at Big Mike’s again, this time as Joe. Unfortunately, Big Mike has never heard of such a place, either. Oh well. Must have been garbled in transmission. In the meantime, Joe has some fishing to do (literal fishing, that is).

So, will Joe manage to snoop around in Big Mike’s personal papers and whatnot? Is the Hilihili center behind the trouble on the island? How will Nancy get back across the bridge? Tune in tomorrow for the next thrilling installment!