So here I am, messing around as Joe Hardy. After doing this and that, I finally manage to get Big Mike out of the shop for awhile.

Of course, the important room is locked. After looking at something several times, I noticed the key at last (it’s always the obvious…). That opened the closet.

Inside was a map, where I found the “green trigger rock” that Nancy was looking for. No sooner do I leave a voice mail for her, than Joe is clouted a good one with a heavy Hawaiian mask. He goes down for the count and we switch back to Nancy.

She picks up the voice mail, and before long, we’re off to see the wiz…umm, Dr. Kim. After a longish walk from the 4×4, I finally meet this person. Her full name is Quigley Kim, and you have to admit, Quigley is an odd name for a woman.

She impressed me as something of a featherhead with a strong inclination for digressions. Also a little high-handed. She was peeved that Nancy hadn’t brought the clipboard. This was something lost in the earlier garbled transmission. So it was back to the base camp.

It seemed like useless make-work to me. No reason I could see for this. Nothing had changed at the camp. Nothing special happened on the trip there or back. Just pick up the silly clipboard and return.

Then I get to tell her about the wrecked camp, which she took pretty much in stride. In fact, she didn’t seem to care very much. However, she was upset that the results of her latest research had been ripped from the clipboard. Now it has to be done all over again. Guess who gets to do it?

This little task involves collecting specimens from Kim’s test sites. That’s the easy part. However, Nancy also has to identify the types of plants, and she’s no botanist. What to do? Well, there’s still one Hardy boy left.

So now we switch to Frank. He promises to find out what he can in regard to plants, but he’s really more interested in finding out who belted Joe (in the hospital recovering from a mild concussion).

He finds a clue in Big Mike’s shop. This is so obvious, you wonder how the cops could have missed it. Anyway, now Frank is on the trail of the apparent assailant. Will he track down this miscreant? Will Nancy ever get her plant info to finish up the experiment? Will Joe make it out of the hospital before the game is over? Stay tuned, sports fans!