The puzzle, well, the first puzzle, in the creepy cave wasn’t difficult, just a bit time-consuming.

As you might expect, that opened up the way farther in, and a couple more puzzles had to be done along the way. The second was tricky, and I sadly admit needing some second chances because Nancy bit the dust a few times. Some of these things are deadly.

The same thing happened with the third puzzle, which I solved correctly, and then watched as Nancy was crushed by a boulder (Indiana Drew?). Finally realized that I had to move her out of the way (this was not exactly apparent), at which point, I switched over to Frank automatically.

As you may recall, Frank needed that snorkeling gear, which cost 30 Big Island Bucks, and he only had 11. Stringing necklaces just wasn’t the thing. Much too time-consuming. Fishing was easier and faster, though it took two sessions to make enough for the snorkel set.

Then it was out and under the waves. This part was time-dependent. Every so often, I had to choose the right way to go, and there were only a few seconds to make the choice. Did have to take some second chances here when I wasn’t fast enough.

Eventually, Frank made it through, and guess where he was? About the same place where Nancy left off. However, he didn’t have to solve any puzzles. Yet.

After examining a crate, the Real Villain showed up, and gave a sort of explanation for it all. Nancy made a cameo appearance from an overhead ledge (you don’t switch to her) just as a mild earthquake or somesuch occured. Now Frank has to get out before RV.

The view switched to overhead, with Frank and RV on opposite sides of a sort of hexagonal grid arrangement. The idea is to jump around and get to the stairs first (there is one set on each side).

When you jump on a rock, it slides down and comes up somewhere else. I had no real idea of what I was doing (no doubt there’s a trick to this), but fortunately Frank made it to his stairs first, without need for a replay.

That pretty much ended the game. Nancy gave an epilogue with a complete explanation of everything, and I ended up with the rating of Bug-Eyed (how appropriate). And nope, poor Joe didn’t make it out of the hospital in time to be in on the finale.

So that takes care of this game, and a review will be up in a couple of days.