Back in September, we looked at the question, Games – Too Long?. Now Gamasutra has gotten into the act, asking a similar question of its game industry members.

Their “question of the week” was actually multipart, covering length, whether a qualitative approach made sense, etc.

The responses make interesting reading. Since they’re from adults in the gaming field, many said they preferred shorter games for lack of time to play.

Quite a few mentioned playing some products maybe halfway and quitting, and that they had plenty of unfinished games. Not to mention all the games waiting to be played.

What comes to me most clearly from this, is that the games these people play aren’t all that much fun. At least not after a certain point.

if you are really captivated by a game, you will find time to play it, and play it to the end, however long that may take. But, as seems likely from this article, if the game is only mildly interesting, or repetitive, chances are, you’ll dump it if there’s a time crunch, and won’t bother with it again.

Another factor here is: these are people in the game industry. They spend all day (possibly long ones) with games, one way or another. Then to come home and play yet something else may be overload, causing them to quit sooner than most others.

One other thing comes to mind. These folks seem to be buying a lot of games, and not completing them. How much are they spending? Isn’t that a waste, buying games and just leaving them to gather dust?

Check out the article and see what you think.

Game Length on Gamasutra