Over at Gamasutra, they’ve opened voting for their “Best of 2006” awards. This is for the games that have “made the biggest ‘quantum leap’ in 2006, in terms of innovation and advancing the state of the art of the industry”, and were released between Jan. 1 2006 and now.

Any product can be considered, so long as it meets the release date. I suspect that in the results, we’ll see, as we did for their “Best Story” awards, one from each of the usual categories: Strategy, Action, RPG, etc.

The only new games I’ve played this year are the ones reviewed on this site, and I don’t consider any of them an advance in the genre.

It also raises the question of what is meant exactly by “advance the genre”. Most of the descriptions I’ve read of other games this year seemed to me to be pretty much “same-old, same-old”. The graphics get better, and that appears to be about it.

What would be an advance in adventure games? In RPG? Is there anything out there right now that would really qualify for “having advanced the genre by a quantum leap”? Personally, I don’t think so. What about you?