Last night was an interesting session. For one thing, I didn’t drop once (only the second time in nine sessions that’s happened). Maybe it was because we had some cold connections.

First, it was Denyer. He lives in the U.K. and was on at 3:30 AM his time, without heat (he didn’t know why). So he was sitting there, all bundled up, and sipping wine to keep warm (actually, alcohol is the worst thing you can drink if you’re cold).

Then Bruce (the DM) lost heat where he lives (in the U.S.). His furnace went out, and he was expecting the repairman. To save suspense, he didn’t get heat back on by the end of the session.

So even though everyone was on early, the game began somewhat more than a half-hour after starting time, and there were several “breaks” when Bruce had to leave the computer over the heat business.

When the session did begin, we went back to Samuel’s headquarters to hear what Shane had to say. He explained that Samuel had pretty much forced the Virtues into telling him that Soladon was gone, and that Samuel was the only force for Light left in the world.

Up to that point, Taralyn hadn’t quite believed that Soladon was really gone, so this was something of a shock. An even bigger one came after that, when we learned that Soladon had actually been gone for a thousand years.

Woof! Naturally that led to many speculations and questions, none of which came up with anything satisfactory, although I’m sure we all have our own ideas. Especially after we read “Gideon’s Prophecies”, which foretold what was possibly the return of the Veranites, or somesuch. Like most prophecies, it was couched in vague language.

We also learned that Soladon and Solanor aren’t gods, just very powerful beings (from our point of view, there’s little difference). So that makes it a little easier to understand that one of them could be “gone”.

After all that, we went to Kaeri’s house, and broached the matter of entry to the castle as emissaries of Samuel. Kaeri was all for it (of course she would be), and was perfectly convinced that nothing would happen to us.

That in the face of the king, the nobles, and of course, Tarnn, being all hostile to us, and that Tarnn is pretty much in control there. Anyway, she left to see the king about an audience for us, and that’s where the session ended.

So it looks like next week we finally get in there and meet Tarnn. This is not my idea of a great Christmas present (I want my BFG!!).

In the meantime, I salute Denyer and Bruce, who both did great jobs despite being half-frozen. And I hope they both have their heat back soon.