Over on Gametunnel, they just published the top five winners in the Indie RPG Awards for 2006. After seeing the list, I am rather ticked off.

The #1 game is something called Fastcrawl. As you might guess from the name, it is nothing more than hack’n’slash. And it’s meant to be played quickly, as well.

How something like that could beat out such titles as Avernum 4, Aveyond, Minions of Mirth and Geneforge 4 is beyond understanding.

I don’t know who was voting for these games, but obviously the majority is sadly lacking in its conception of what a role-playing game is. Hack’n’slash may have been all right 25 years ago, but not today.

Of course, maybe the voters didn’t play all the games. After all, real RPGs take some time. Maybe they just played Fastcrawl because it’s quick and went with that one. Personally, I wouldn’t even have a pure H&S game on that list in the first place.

Next year, they should add a new category for “Hack’n’Slash” or “Fantasy Shooter” or “Plain Old Dungeon Crawl”. Then the real RPGs might have a chance in the voting.

Check out the link below and see what you think:

Indie RPG Awards 2006