Last night was a bad night on the server. Lag was terrible for Moira and me, and she had some really strange problems with movement.

I experienced that myself a few times, but only briefly. The lag was another matter. Bruce reset the server at least once, but that didn’t help much. And yes, I did drop, though only once.

So anyway, we were in Kaeri’s house, and she returned with the news that the king had granted us an audience. Then someone had to go and mention clothes. Immediately, Kaeri was collecting armfuls of finery for us.

The men seemed eager to get into the fancy duds. Then again, maybe they just wanted a break from all that heavy armor ;) Taralyn and Moira were not all that anxious. However, Moira got into a dress, feeling pressured by the men. Taralyn stood firm (besides, she looks so good in leather!).

While the rest were debating whether three duded up and one not was a good thing, Taralyn left them to go bind herself at Samuel’s headquarters (binding is a precaution against death; if you die, you’re resurrected at the binding point).

Eventually the other three arrived, and another discussion took place about the clothing. It ended with Denyer and Moira (who really hated that dress ;) changing back into their regular armor. Only John elected to remain dressed in the fancy outfit (I still think it looked more like a camo outfit than court wear).

So finally we went on our way to the castle. Each of us gave our name to the Captain at the door. Except Moira, who decided to say she was “pudintame”. Naturally, that wasn’t on his list, and the guard wasn’t letting her in.

It took a little persuasion from Taralyn before the Captain relented. So at last we were in the castle. Of course, right after we entered the throne room, I dropped, and missed a cutscene between Tarnn and King Wolfrud.

However, Bruce and the others were willing to have it replayed. Naturally, that meant he had to reset this, so no sooner am I back, than I’m off again for the reset. It really wasn’t that great a night.

So we see Tarnn suggesting that the war might end if Wolfrud would give a token of peace, say a few border towns, to Seradez (the invading country). Wolfrud wanted some time to think it over, and Tarnn walked out. Walked out.

Wow, was I surprised. I really was certain he’d be there the whole time and try to make us out as enemies of the king or somesuch. Tarnn did give us a close look as he left, but we did the same to him, so we finally know what he looks like.

Then we had a chat with the king. Or Taralyn did, the others remaining quiet during this time (even Moira, though we could all see she was restraining herself with much difficulty!).

We (or Taralyn) answered questions about Samuel, his powers, his claim (or “teaching”, as Wolfrud put it) that Soladon was gone (Tara tried to soften that by saying “absent”, which didn’t sound so final).

At the end, Wolfrud, who was obviously unsure about Samuel, said that as long as Samuel did nothing illegal or immoral, he could do as he pleased.. but Wolfrud would be watching (and watching carefully, no doubt).

Just before the party left, Taralyn said one more thing to Wolfrud. She remarked that anyone who raised an undead army to invade a peaceful neighbor wouldn’t stop until that neighbor was destroyed.

That was meant with the hope that Wolfrud wouldn’t give in to Tarnn’s “just a few border towns as a token of peace”. Whether it will help or not, I don’t know, but Taralyn felt the need to give that warning.

So we left the castle, and probably we’ll return to HQ next week to find out what we’ll be doing next. I just hope the server is more cooperative (Hmm, you don’t suppose because it was December 13th….nah….)