So we’re coming down to the end of the year. Was it a good one for gaming? Well, I have my doubts. But maybe you think differently. What is your choice for “Best Game of 2006”?

There are just a few rules for this:

  1. Must have been released some time in 2006
  2. Cannot be any MMOG (sorry, Guild Wars fans)
  3. Must be a computer game (no XBox, PS, Wii, etc)
  4. Can be from an independent publisher
  5. Can be any genre
  6. Only one game per person, so choose wisely
  7. You have to give a few reasons why you chose the game

You can also have a “no choice”, which is my selection. I’ve played only six new products this year, and none of them have really grabbed me as a “Best Game”. That’s rather sad. Ah well, maybe next year will be better.

P.S. Unlike the Gamasutra poll, your choice needn’t have “advanced the genre”. You only have to choose the one you think was the best of the bunch.