There’s hardly anyone, by now, who hasn’t heard of the Nintendo Wii. Even I know about it (although I thought it stood for “WIreless Interface, but apparently not).

The question is: Is this the next “big thing”, or only a passing fad? When the novelty wears off, will gamers start to think longingly of the regular old controller?

This isn’t the first time such a device has come along. Back in the dark ages, there was Mattel’s Power Glove. Attached by wire, of course (and no, I never had one myself). Also, perhaps, not the best implementation. The instructions for calibrating and using this can be found online. I wonder how many managed to get it working properly…and found it rather tiring after all too short a time if they did.

Of course, Nintendo’s product is much more sophisticated. But will gamers want to keep playing this way? Some will, naturally. What about the majority? Can they keep doing this for lengthy play sessions?

We’re still in the first rush. If this does catch on over time, should we expect the other two companies to follow suit with wireless controllers of their own? And if they do, would something similar for the PC be in the future, as well? Would that even be feasible? Would PC gamers want that?

Or is the Wii really just a “one-shot” that will follow in the wake of the Power Glove?

Power Glove Instructions