While we wait for the Christmas doldrums to pass, I figured I’d bring to your attention a nifty little solitaire program I’ve been playing for some time.

I first came across Pretty Good Solitaire back in 1997. Yep, it’s been around a long time, and I’ve been a fan of it since then. Hands down, PGS is the best solitaire game around.

Currently, it has 660 (yes, 660) games, both old favorites and new ones you haven’t seen anywhere before. And if that’s not enough, it has a Solitaire Wizard so you can create your own games.

Further, the games are indexed in multiple ways: by type (Klondike, Spider, etc.), by decks (one, two, three or four), by favorites (make a list of yours), most popular (with other players), new, and so on.

The game can keep track of win/loss scores for individual players. Everyone can play without over-writing someone else’s record.

On the website, you can download (for free) additional card sets to use in PGS. My favorites are Halloween and Christmas.

PGS plays beautifully, and you don’t need a high-powered rig to run it. Shucks, it even runs under Win ’95!

You can download the game for a 30-day trial; it weighs in at a mere 6 megs. You can also order by mail or phone. The current price is $24 (a steal if ever there was one!) for the download, or for an extra $7.50, you can have it sent on CD, which includes all the extra card sets.

When you need something soothing after a hard day in the dungeons, try a little PGS solitaire. Visit the website and check out all its features. This is one of the few games I recommend unreservedly (if you like solitaire!).

Pretty Good Solitaire website