Well, we’ve been doing mostly RP with a little combat here and there. Last night made up for that, with a vengeance.

After leaving the castle, we were summoned by Rebecca to HQ. Once again, Samuel was back from the wars for a rest. He really looked bad. Whatever he’s doing at the front lines is taking a terrible toll on him.

Anyway, we told him about our meeting with the king and seeing Tarnn. During this, Joshua entered and told us he and Shane followed Tarnn when he left the castle. Of course, Josh being a paladin, he could only do this in town (stealth in plate mail doesn’t do well ;). After that, Shane went on alone.

So we hung out awhile and finally Shane returned with the news that Tarnn had gone to Tarshys. I wasn’t surprised, since early on Samuel told us that whatever was powering the undead army was there. It was only a matter of time before we ended up going there ourselves.

Before we left, Samuel did something to each of us. He said it would help if in dire need, but didn’t get specific on actual results. All we’d have to do was say the word “Protect”. But we (that is, each us, I think) could only use it once.

Next, Joshua, Rebecca, and Shane joined the party. I admit this made me a bit nervous, since that brought us to seven. Then we went off to Kaeri’s place and asked her to tell the king that Tarnn had gone to Tarshys.

So, at last, we trekked off to the city of evil. Along the way, there were a few combats with undead and one with Ogres. There we lost Shane, who didn’t turn up again until near the end of the session. I guess he was killed, because the log showed he was hit several times, including two criticals (ouch!). Didn’t see a death message for him, though.

Now one down, we went on to Tarshys, an extremely nasty place. We could feel its malign influence just standing outside the gates. Taralyn wasn’t exactly keen on entering, but we couldn’t turn back now.

Of course, we didn’t have a plan. I think we were expecting a fight here and there as we made our way through. We weren’t expecting an army, along with catapults on the walls.

We hadn’t gone far when all hell broke loose. The undead were everywhere and they just kept coming. And coming, and coming, and….well, you get the idea.

In no time, the party was scattered all over the place, putting up a valiant fight against the zombies, ghouls, ghasts, skeleton warriors and vampires that infested the town. But our best efforts were of no avail.

One by one, we fell to the tide of undead. Taralyn was the last to fall, running wildly (okay, in a panic), pursued by several vampires. She tried to get out “Protect”, but wasn’t fast enough (I didn’t have the map up and had no idea where the exit was, either).

I checked the log afterwards. We had killed seventy-six undead in Tarshys. Like I said, it was an army. Oof!

Thanks to Samuel’s powers, though, we were all resurrected at a shrine not far from Tarshys. Low on everything, we trekked back, somewhat dispiritedly, to town. There we came across Shane, Joshua, and Rebecca. I guess, for whatever reason, they hadn’t bound to the same shrine we did.

So, that’s where we are now, sadder and, I hope, wiser. We did decide before ending that we better have a plan or two before going back ;)