As the year dwindles down, more sites are posting their best (or best and worst) games of the year.

Gamespy has Company Of Heroes as its #1 game, while in the genre categories, Oblivion takes top honors for Best RPG.

The Associated Press got into the act, too. If AP is posting their own list, you know games must be in the big-time now ;)

Interestingly, AP chose Oblivion as Best Game Of The Year. They also have a small collection of “worsts”, with the PS3 as “Worst Game Launch”.

And finally, as an antidote to all the kudos being handed out, Coyote presents his “award” for “Worst Game Ever”, a very funny read.

Check ’em out below:

Gamespy’s Games of The Year

AP’s Best And Worst on Yahoo News

Coyote’s Worst Game Ever