Some have been predicting the death of PC games for some time now. While the death knell is hardly around the corner, it is true that PC games have been in a sales decline for about six years now.

Your first thought might be: it’s the consoles! And certainly these days, game stores stock far more console products than PC products. But I think there are other reasons, two in particular.

First, the PC market is in a rut. The majority of releases are in the shooter/strategy/sports/driving genres. And by now, it’s becoming difficult to tell one game from another. There’s simply too much “cloning” out there.

However much people like a particular type of game, there is a point where ennui begins to set it. I think that’s even more so when most products offer “spectacular graphics” and not much new anywhere else.

And second, the increasingly-poor condition on release of so many games. Gothic III is one example. It came out in Europe first, and by the time it reached here, the game was up to v1.08. Now a v.14 patch is on the horizon. That is a terrible track record.

Neverwinter 2 is another. Three patches already, with a fourth due soon, not to mention (but I will) the horrible update process.

It seems to me that more gamers are becoming leery of buying new games right away. Who wants “same-old, same-old” along with endless patches in the first few months?

There will always be a hardcore market, but I suspect that market is beginning to dwindle. PC games are in need of some form of revitalization. Whether that will come from the mainstream companies, or independent designers, I hope it comes soon.