Since reading Coyote’s experiences with a game called Trespasser (his “worst game ever”), I’ve been wondering which turkey I could add to the flock. As it is, I came up with two.

Oddly enough, both of them were post-nuke games. The first was Scavengers Of The Mutant World. Visually, it was the ugliest game I ever played. The graphics, as I recall, were CGA, so ’nuff said about that.

SOTMW randomly generated a world each new game, along with twenty PC’s. You chose four for your team. Most of the game was spent poking around various ruins, scavenging for whatever you could find: weapons, armor, food, etc.

There were no puzzles to solve, no people to talk to, and not much to do beyond slogging through a lot of combats. There was a goal: you could find plans for either a spaceship (so you could take off for a better world) or a time machine (which, if I remember rightly, you could use to prevent nuclear war happening). Of course, you also had to find the relevant pieces.

The worst part was the monster scaling. Like in Oblivion, only worse, because the critters always scaled higher than your party. Eventually, you reached a point where the monsters simply were too strong to defeat.

What to do? Why, go back to your starting point, dump all your stuff, and take four brand-new, newbie characters and finish the game with them. Yeah, after going through almost all the game with one party, you had to drop them. Otherwise, you couldn’t finish. What a concept!

The second game was Fountain Of Dreams. In my review, I referred to it as “Dregs Of Wasteland Meets Son Of Scavengers”, so you get the idea right off ;). It was a horrible game whose story made little sense.

Most of the time, you suffered through a lot of combat, poorly-balanced combat at that. It was based on the Wasteland engine, using most of the worst features.

You’re supposed to be searching for the fountain, whis is rumored to be a pool of water with magical healing powers. You don’t do any searching, just a lot of fighting (a LOT of fighting). Then someone simply ups and tells you where to find the pool. And after you do, a couple of NPCs make everything nice and they lived happily ever after.

There’s no need to go into more, except that this was one of the few times where I came right out and said: “Don’t buy this game. Period.”

I suppose if I thought about it enough, another title or two could be added. But trust me, these were enough. More than enough.

You probably have a game for a list like this. Go ahead, post it. The game scene this Christmas has been pretty depressing, and we all know misery loves company ;).