We’re all familiar with complaints about the Wii: broken straps, broken TV’s, damaged furniture, muscle pains, etc. Now, over at the New York Times blog, there’s a post about the Wii as exercise equipment.

David Pogue relates his experiences and observations, and comes up with an optimistic view of the new console as a means of getting people – especially kids – more active.

Many comments on his blog indicate he’s not alone in thinking so. There’s even a link in his blog to another, where someone is doing a very detailed, day-by-day write-up as he goes through a daily 30-minute “workout” with the Wii. (Note: complete details there won’t be posted until the experiment is over)

Of course, it’s nice to see a few positive remarks. But still, I wonder if this will keep up, or if people will tire of the “exercise” element after awhile.

And there’s the matter of support. Will there be enough new product to keep the Wii going? Also the players? I still feel this is a novelty act, and after awhile, players will start going back to their regular consoles.

Wii As Exercise