So as the old year ends and the new one begins, it’s time to look ahead. What do you want to see in 2007?

Of course, we all want good, fun games that don’t need six patches before they’re really playable ;). We can only hope that the coming year will bring us one or two. However…

What I’m asking is what you would like to see here. How can I make the site more valuable/interesting/worthwhile for you?

BESIDES putting up a forum. This has been on my list from day one, but that’s up to Dale. I do remind him about it from time to time, but I can’t nag too much either. He has a lot of other sites and work on his hands, and I have to wait my turn.

He’s also fairly strict about what software gets implemented. Security is a major concern, along with overhead and other arcane matters. That’s the problem with WordPress. It’s a very stripped-down product, and a lot of extra functionality has to come from plug-ins.

Anyway, I do want to know how I can make the site better. So think about it and let me have your suggestions. Naturally, I can’t promise that everything will be implemented, but I’ll certainly do my best to give you what you want (outside of winning lottery numbers; those I’ll keep for myself ;).