So after a long and winding road (and twice as many sessions as the DM expected ;), the Light Reborn online game reached its conclusion. Of course, getting there wasn’t exactly easy, and this was the longest session of the mod.

Before returning to Tarshys, we stopped at Kaeri’s house to rest up. During that time, Taralyn told the rest of the party about how she’d felt a burning pain all the time they were in the city.

She was worried that, as they went deeper in, the pain might become worse, and she wouldn’t be able to control her reactions to it. It might incapacitate her, drive her crazy, maybe even kill her.

Tara also figured that this was coming from the power source for the undead army, which is what the group was planning to destroy. So she was hesitant to return, fearing she might be overcome in some way at a critical moment, and mess everything up.

Regardless, the party urged her to stay, and she agreed, but warned them that if her situation became too bad to control, they’d have to go on without her.

After that, things heated up. A few undead appeared in the city, but they were easily dispatched. More showed up on the way back to Tarshys, where one player dropped for a short time (it would be when the vampires attacked ;).

However, we made it there in one piece, this time with the three NPCs intact (Shane, Rebecca and Joshua). We had decided to stay just inside the gate while Moira, invisible, scouted around for the way up to the ramparts and the catapults.

Didn’t quite work that way. A welcoming committee was waiting, and I even saw a few vampires drop down from the sky. We killed them all finally, and ducked back outside. So much for Plan A.

So we healed up and went back in. Nothing was around, so Moira went off to do her stuff. Luckily, the ramp up wasn’t far away, and by staying more or less together, we got there. Not so luckily, Rebecca became surrounded on the ramp, and died.

Moira and Taralyn used a couple of the catapults while the rest fought some more undead that turned up. I note from the log, by the way, that the catapults damaged friend and foe alike. Ouch! Had I known that, I wouldn’t have used it myself.

So behind those was a big building. We went inside, and saw Tarnn dashing along the right-hand corridor. John, that impetuous paladin, ran after him, but the door Tarnn went through was locked.

We took time out to check the rooms in the area, coming across, of all things, some werecats. What they were doing there, I have no idea, but at least they weren’t undead.

A few nice items were found, along with a key, and a Shrine of Soladon in a large room. Naturally, we all bound ourselves to it, now that we’d gotten through the undead outside (where the DM had ruled no resurrection).

The key – no surprise – unlocked the door Tarnn had gone through. We went downstairs, where we found a heavily-trapped floor. The traps were beyond the abilities of both Shane and Moira to detrap, so they were just marked for us to walk carefully around.

Meanwhile, Taralyn was amazed to notice that the burning pain had stopped, and she was now feeling something quite different, something powerful, that called to her with a feeling of kinship. This disturbed her greatly.

Beyond the traps, the corridor split east and west. Down one end was a locked door that required a key. Down the other end was a lich. We really needed this ;)

Just as we entered, it completed a spell, and an endless stream of ochre jellies started slinking out of a cauldron. We pretty much ignored those and beat on the lich first. Meanwhile, Moira pulled a lever in the back of the room, which opened the door at the other end.

This was a confused segment, with a lot of fighting (and very cheap xp, let me tell you!). Here we lost Joshua the NPC paladin, I suppose because his controlling player forgot to call him out with “follow me” because we were all running away.

A few jellies followed us down the hall, but that seemed to be the last of them. No more showed up. Moira had tried to break the cauldron, but it seemed impervious to her attacks. There was a debate on whether to go back and have the fighters beat on it, but in the end we decided to go on.

Moira checked the room ahead for traps and found none. But after we were all in the room, something went off and knocked us all out. We revived to find ourselves facing King Kalyl of Seradez, along with Tarnn, and surrounded by a bunch of vampires. Just our lucky day ;)

Kalyl was annoyed because his trap had caught us instead of Samuel. Tara was hoping he might waste Tarnn for this gaffe, but no. Then Kalyl noticed Taralyn, which made her very nervous. Especially when he ordered his vampire pals to kill everyone except Tara, and “prepare her for the crossing”. Eeeek!

Of course, we were all waiting for the right moment to say “protect”, and Denyer got it out first. Samuel and his friend Niro popped in, incidentally destroying the circle of vampires.

Tarnn scooted off to the next room. The rest of us began edging out of the circle while Kalyl and Samuel squared off for a mage duel. Samuel told us to take care of Tarnn. He didn’t have to say so twice ;)

We found the way blocked by a bunch of high-level zombie types. Just as we were clearing them out, my game crashed. Arghh! Up until then, everything had been fine.

By the time I got back on, the rest were beating on Tarnn. In fact, Moira had been killed and resurrected before I was able to return. But it was good timing. Moira got a critical shot on him, and Taralyn applied the coup de grace. Teamwork, gotta love it!

In that room, we found a strange tree. This was the source of the power that Taralyn had been feeling all this time. We weren’t sure whether to destroy it or not; Taralyn didn’t want to, for one thing.

We went back to the other room. That fight was over. Samuel and Niro had won, sort of. Kalyl’s body was destroyed, but his soul remained, having gone off to wherever his coffin was.

Taralyn wanted Samuel to look at the tree; she wasn’t sure it ought to be cut down. In fact, she was downright insistent about it, having become fed up with “do this for me” from Samuel, while he goes running off.

He finally went in, and yes, the tree had to go. Taralyn wasn’t happy, and walked to the other end of the room while Denyer hewed it with his axe.

Samuel also revealed that he had used the party as decoys, sending us to walk into the trap and distract Kalyl. The “protect” was basically a summon/teleport spell to bring Samuel in before Kalyl could do anything about it.

Moira was totally appalled by that, and I didn’t blame her. Tara wasn’t too thrilled about playing cat’s paw, either. It got the job done, but still…

But we were finished here and went back out to the city, which had changed somewhat. For one thing, a big tree (not mysterious) was there, along with a woman named Musette.

Actually, not a woman, but a nymph, and she told us the true history of the Veranites, Tarshys, and Christopher Roeland. Chris was not a nice guy.

He was the most powerful of the Veranites, and Servants of Soladon had asked Taymin to help them control him, because he was evil. Not on Solanor’s side; Chris was out for himself only.

That brought about the destruction of Tarshys and everyone in it. Then the Servants of Soladon waged war against Chris and the Veranites. Since the Servants took their power from Soladon, they were easily replaced; not so the Veranites, who had power on their own. They were losing the war.

So Chris went up to the Plane of Spirit, and had it out with Soladon. And that was the last anyone knew of either of them. He must have been amazingly powerful, that Chris.

Then Solanor took advantage of the situation by removing the remaining Veranites, and slowly consolidating his power in the world. Only Anvid remains untouched.

This, of course, went totally against the history as known for the last thousand years, with Chris being revered as the last Emperor and a great hero, while Tarshys was reviled as a city of evil. The Veranites on the whole don’t come off well, either, since many of them forced nymphs to become their wives. Musette, alas, was the wife of Kalyl.

There was a little (or not so little) surprise for Taralyn, too. She hadn’t mentioned to anyone in the party that she had dragon blood (being a Bard/Red Dragon Disciple). But Musette knew.

In fact, Musette told Taralyn she had Veranite blood, and was one of Musette’s descendants and a distant relative of Samuel. That was why she could sense the power of the tree.

Some Veranites in the distant used their powers to morph into dragon form, and obviously one of those was somewhere in Tara’s background. Coming after everything else, you can’t blame her for fainting momentarily!

And that closed out the Light Reborn: Chapter 5. We were all glad it came to a sort-of happy ending, and sad that it was over. In a few days, I’ll be posting my reflections on this game and how it compares with the “real thing”, face-to-face gaming. In the meantime, I can certainly say I enjoyed this outing (most of the time! ;) very much.