We’ve been talking recently about casual games being the “next boom”. For Big Fish Games, the “boom” is already here, and it’s being driven by their “Mystery Case Files” series.

This series is especially popular with what could be called the “older female demographic”, women in the 35+ age group. And this is no small group, either.

The series has three titles so far, and collectively they’ve sold 700,00 units. That’s impressive for independent games. More so is the fact that when Big Fish released Mystery Case Files: Huntsville last year, it sold $1 million worth of copies in the first three days. Plenty of “mainstream” publishers would love to have numbers like that.

The fascinating part is that all of these games are sold online, through downloads. Big ones. The most recent title, Ravenhearst, has a “trial demo” that weighs in at whopping 73 meg.

From reading a few reviews, I gather the games are somewhat repetitive in nature, and not likely to have much appeal for the “hardcore” adventure gamer. However, these are aimed at the “casual” market, and typically are played in small doses rather than lengthy sessions.

Another plus for MCF is that they’re non-violent. Playing the games is strictly an intellectual exercise. This is no surprise to us, as we’ve seen before that women gamers tend to prefer such games over the action/shooter products.

I picked up on this from a Reuters article. What is amazing is that Big Fish doesn’t advertise much. In fact, most of their advertising is by “word of mouth”, with satisfied customers bringing in more.

Check out the article, and you may want to buzz over to Big Fish, as well (they have other games besides these, of course). If you’ve been trying to get a non-gamer into the fold…who knows?…this may be the way to do it.

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