In surprising news – at least down here in the pits – Ziff-Davis is looking to sell their Game Group division. This includes Electronic Gaming Monthly, the newly-launched Games For Windows, and their game website,

This makes me wonder if Computer Gaming World became Games For Windows to make it more attractive to potential buyers, particularly as the mag is now labeled “official”.

The article speculates that Ziff is doing this because they’re losing revenue in the print market. Z-D showed a half-million-dollar loss in the quarter just before Christmas for the entire group.

This does bring up the question: how long will print mags last? You can still find plenty on the stands, most related to the consoles (although Ziff recently closed down their Official Playstation Magazine; possibly too early, according to the article).

Do hard-copy publications have any advantage over online, aside from easy portability? I remember my own concerns about lead time, as mentioned in On Reviewing, and that certainly hasn’t changed.

If you still read any game publications, what, if anything, do they provide that online sites don’t? If you don’t read them anymore, why not?

Ziff Selling Games Group on GameSetWatch