Continuing our story of my first time in Morrowind…

Subject: We keep you informed!

Infamous rampWhen last we left our intrepid hero, he was wandering in ever-dizzying circles round the foreign quarter in Vivec.

It was getting monotonous. I simply could not find a way to the bottom. Finally I looked at the cheat codes and found one that would take me to any city in Morrowind. Good. Used that and zipped right to Ebonheart. Only one thing: after arriving, I couldn’t move. It was as though it had stuck my feet into the ground. THANKS GUYS!

After restoring and trying a couple more times, I was about to give up when I thought to try my levitation spell. It didn’t have a great chance of success (thirty-something percent), but of course I could keep restoring mana until it went off.

Wouldn’t you know, it worked first shot. Even better, it got me off the ground. Whew! So I poked around awhile and finally found the guy to talk to about the assassins. He tells me they have their HQ in a city afflicted by some sort of plague, but he knows someone who could teleport me there.

I decided that teleporting into a plague-afflicted area that is the HQ of an assassins guild was not a prudent move for a 6th level character ;) Later on that one. Then I took a boat back to the foreign quarter, because I absolutely had to find the way up (which, of course, is the way down when you’re up there. Heh).

Turns out there’s a ramp in a tunnel that goes up. The trick is, the damn tunnel is almost impossible to see, even in the daytime. And it’s right next to a door, but perpendicular to it. That’s why I kept missing it as I went around. However, now I know where it is for future visits.

Then I went back to the last place I’d been before Vivec. Decided it was time to do the next quest along the main line. That sent me to some Dwarven ruins in search of a “puzzle box”. Crossing the bridge to the ruins, I ran into a very nasty mage. He was conjuring up skeletons, and while I dealt with them, he threw spells at me. This was not a good thing. Especially as I even got killed once.

You know what’s coming, right? Right. God mode. Then I just ran around Mr. Bones and took out the mage.

God mode has some interesting features. Your spell points don’t go down, however many spells you cast. All your spell skills go up to 100 (nice!). You can run around all day and never lose fatigue. Your armor takes no damage, however much you get hit. Your weapon doesn’t degrade when you use it.

So anyway, I get into the ruins and start looking around. Kept going deeper and deeper in. After awhile, though, I began to wonder if maybe I was too far in. Wouldn’t surprise me, I thought, if the box was closer to the entrance.

After wandering some more, I quit and checked a walkthru for this quest. Sure enough, it was way back and closer to the entrance. In a place where I had to climb rocks to reach, and I hadn’t climbed any rocks. Of course.

So now I’m on my way back to get that box.

What will happen next? Stay tuned for the next thrilling chapter in our saga!

[It turned out that I had misread something. There was no plague in Mournhold, the capital city. It was that ships from Vvardenfell (the island I’m on) are forbidden to dock at Mournhold because there is disease and plague over here. Still, MH is no place for a low-level character, so it was just as well I decided not to hurry over there. In the meantime, I’d been having some weird dreams and was worried about them. In Daggerfall, strange dreams were a sure sign you were coming down with either lycanthropy or vampirism. I had mentioned that on the phone to Nancy.]

Subject: We bring you an important update

This just to hand from our agent in the field:

Cancel vampire alert. Repeat. Cancel vampire alert. No infection present.

More news later as it happens.