Earlier this month, the official release date for Hellgate: London was given as “summer 2007”. Naturally, we take this with a grain of salt.

Missed ship dates are a regular thing in the industry these days, and given the plans for this game, it wouldn’t surprise me if HG:L doesn’t show up until the Christmas season.

Regardless, there’s been a lot of buzz online about what the fee-based online model will be. Nothing has been announced officially about that, except some sort of pay-to-play structure will be used.

To entice players into the MP world, Flagship Studios plan to add new content regularly, much of it dynamically created. For online players, this looks pretty good and gets around the “same-old, same-old” of playing something like D2 over and over again with nothing changed.

The game has three classes: Templars who go melee, Cabalists who use magic, and Hunters who use ranged weapons. We can see they’ve gone back to Diablo and updated the original three classes of Fighter, Sorcerer, and Rogue (who used bows).

Solo players are not being left out, as the game can be played that way for an estimated 30-40 hours of hot action. How many save games there will be, I don’t know ;).

Check out the interview with Bill Roper for more details on the MP aspect of Hellgate: London. Will I get this one? Can’t say yet. I’ll wait for the “early adopters” to comment first…especially on bugs ;).

Shack News Interview With Bill Roper