Ever wondered what a real game contract looks like? Normally, such agreements are confidential. However, one has just been made public.

Spark Studio and Activision are at it in the courts, each claiming the other is in breach of contract over Call Of Duty: Finest Hour for several console platforms. The document itself is one of the exhibits, and recently the judge in the case unsealed it.

That unsealing makes the contract open to the public. And now you can see the whole thing over on Gamasutra.

Be warned, the entire article is 15 pages, mainly because the contract is shown in a series of screenshots. Commentary by three lawyers accompanies the sections. I had graphics off and just read the comments. ;)

This is really a fascinating document. All I can say is, Spark should have had some better legal advice before signing this thing.

Call Of Duty contract on Gamasutra