Over at Ars Technica, I came across an article on something called “live gaming”. No, it isn’t “live action role-playing”; this is a different sort of product for the casual market.

The article was written by a participant in the game (it’s over now), called “the Prague Files”. This may actually have been more of a beta test, since it was the first release.

Regardless, the game is low-tech rather than high. Players only needed a cell phone, email address and web browser. No fancy graphics were necessary. They received cryptic messages and tasks to perform, including solving puzzles. The price to play was $6.95 for the complete game.

An interesting feature is the game was time-limited, running 2 weeks to a conclusion. Projected future titles will also have such a limit.

I vaguely recall there was something similar to this on the net before, but the name escapes me. I know it’s gone now, and has been for awhile.

Anyway, check out the link below. Could this be the next big entry in the casual games market?

The Prague Files on Ars Technica