RPGwatch has just posted the first part of a two-part interview with Reality Pump’s Technical Director, Miroslaw Dymek, about their upcoming Two Worlds RPG.

This section of the interview is especially timely, as we’ve just been discussing Linear Or Nonlinear? in role-playing games.

As usual, it sounds good on paper (though I’m not thrilled with the “action/RPG” label or the pre-created character business): a game world where your choices matter and things change based on what you do or don’t do.

If situations really do change materially, then this could be a real non-linear product (or as close to real as one can get these days).

In giving the matter further thought, I’ve decided that it isn’t so much the linear or non-linear aspect of a game that players want. Rather, it’s a desire to see change based on action (or inaction) as an ongoing process.

Typically, a game with multiple paths, such as Fallout, shows an epilogue with “this did (or did not) happen because your character did (or didn’t do) such-and-such”.

The problem is that this comes at the end. There is usually little in the game to reflect actions or inactions, especially on a large scale.

Two Worlds, at least from the interview, appears to address this issue in a carefully-designed way. If they can pull it off, Reality Pump may have a winner, especially in the replayability department (always an important concern in RPGs).

Check out the interview and see what you think. The game is scheduled for an April release, and that’s not so far off.

Two Worlds Interview Part 1 on RPGwatch