Subject: The saga continues…

When last we left our intrepid hero (is there any other kind?), he was still mucking around doing silly quests.

mwlake.png“Go see this farmer about Orc bandits”, she says (She being the local fighter guildmaster). “Find this plantation and go north to the farmer”. Easy. Only she forgot to mention the lake. Yeah, he was north across the lake. Then to get FROM the farmer TO the bandits was an involved trip where it was no problem at all to go wrong. Several times. Why in hell would the bandits want to make such difficult trips to and from the farms? Only a game designer would know.

“Go to this tribe of Dark Elves in the nasty wilderness”, says the spymaster (for whom I work and is a part of the main line). “The best way is to take several forms of transportation to the closest town (which isn’t very close), from there head to the ocean, swim around the headland….”. You gotta be kidding! Where’s my travel cheat?

“Go help this nutty paladin clean out a den of necromancers”, he says (the fighter guild again). “It’s a difficult place to reach and you’ll have to find your own way there”. You bet it is. The place is a damned rock in the ocean with nothing on it but the dungeon. Where’s my travel cheat again?

In the meantime, I have learned why the Emperor sent me here, which was no surprise at all since I’d figured that part out some time back (it’s kinda obvious). The dreams are a part of the main line, not an an indication of incipient vampirism. They were so bizarre, however, I wasn’t sure at the time we talked as to their actual meaning.

[During that previous phone chat, I mentioned coming across a woman in the wilderness who had been robbed. Was she angry? No, she was IN LOVE with the bandit! And she asks me to please bring him her glove as a token of affection. So I do that, he is overcome with remorse, and asks me to bring her a letter. Why couldn’t he do that himself? Naturally, since she was outdoors somewhere, I couldn’t find her.]

By the way, remember that woman who fell in love with the bandit? I finally found her again (of course, I was doing something else at the time and wasn’t even looking for her ;). As to the guy whose friend is missing, turns out I had restored to before I talked to him, and next time I saw him, I just kept walking! Heh.

So we trudge ever onward in our attempts to (yet again) save the world. If only the world were a little smaller…

Okay, a LOT smaller! ;)