Arkane Studios, best known for Dark Messiah Of Might & Magic, has a new game in the works, called The Crossing. It isn’t your everyday shooter.

They’ve come up with a blend of single-player and multi-player. The interesting part is that there are no “NPC” types in the game. It’s very much a PvP environment.

The game has two types of players: skirmishers and Elites. The skirmishers are there, so it seems, just for the shooting. Elites follow a storyline. At certain points, Elites and skirmishers come together for a fight.

Regardless of story, this is most definitely a shooter and not an RPG in any sense of the word.

Naturally, The Crossing would have appeal to those who enjoy squaring off against human opponents. And there certainly wouldn’t be any complaints about PKing, because that’s what the game is about.

I can also see this as appealing to the “short-term” market, where you can jump into the game for just a little while and get something done, without the lengthy “grind” of typical online products.

Of course, the real question is whether Arkane can really bring this off. After Dark Messiah, one does wonder.

Check out the interview over at 1up and see what you think.

The Crossing interview on 1up