We’ve already noted how the casual games market has started on a “boom” phase. Now the action is heating up in a somewhat unexpected way.

MumboJumbo, which creates products for the casual market, just acquired Ritual Games. That’s right, a casual company just took in a mainstreamer.

For those who may not know, Ritual Entertainment has developed such games as Delta Force – Black Hawk Down, Counter Strike, Quake 4, and the SiN games, among others.

Now, that’s something of a surprise. We’d expect it to be the other way around, where a mainstream company took on a producer of casual games.

MumboJumbo must be doing pretty well with casuals to buy Ritual. Also, it opens up some interesting speculation. Does Mumbo have plans to do some mainstream work?

Or are they planning more on getting a lock on the casuals with cutting-edge products? If so, are they looking to expand into the more hard-core area? Ritual, after all, is more into the shooter scene than anything else.

Check out the press release and see what you think

MumboJumbo Grabs Ritual Entertainment