All the chatter lately about RPGs (or what defines one) in Once More…The CRPG got me thinking about the first one I ever played. Only I don’t recall which one that was.

Of course, that’s a little strange, because in In The Beginning, which mentioned the first five games I ever played, I had no trouble remembering any of them. Yet trying to bring up the first CRPG only leaves me blank.

Was it Aklabeth? Telengard? Temple Of Apshai? Wizardry? There’s no way to tell anymore. And many of the details of those earliest games are gone, too. You’d expect (or maybe I would) that at least the very first one would have stayed in my memory.

But no, that first one, that “flagship” CRPG, stubbornly refuses to make itself known. Could it have been so terrible I wanted to forget it? Not likely.

After all, I can bring up at least a few details about all those games, and others besides, including the not-so-fun parts. At the same time, there are games of which I can remember just about nothing.

For instance, believe it or not, Ultima II. The only part I can recall is the very end, that annoying “chase Minax back and forth” sequence. The rest…nada.

Yet U II was a far better game than Apshai, which had a number of deficiences (see The Bookshelf for details). So I doubt good/terrible has anything to do with it.

In all likelihood, that first CRPG will remain a mystery. Which I find a bit annoying, as some people here have posted recalling the first CRPG they played. And here I am with amnesia. Maybe my brain needs a new hard drive….miniscorp