Yes, I did find a new game to join at last. With nothing else out there right now, I do need something to play, even if it’s only once a week (this is your fault, Bruce!). This time, I’m running a different character.

His name is Kordok Stonebeard – you can call him Stony – a Dwarven fighter, 1st level. Possibly not the most well-mannered person around (charisma 6 ;), but ready for a good fight anytime.

The others in the party are Grace (the only female PC), a naive wizard, Nel, a husky fighter, Stephan, a cleric of Tymora (Goddess of Luck), and Matreus, another wizard and something of a mystery man.

We started on board a ship bound for one of the Moonshae Islands. Unlike last time, when the party knew one another, we were all strangers, so the start was mostly introducing ourselves.

Except Stony. Poor Stony, never been on a ship before, and swears he never will again. Seasick all the way. While others were chatting around, Stony was going BLAAAT over the side or urp/gurgle/gak trying not to go “BLAAAT”, while praying to Moradin for strength.

Just as we got to port, Matreus made a remark about “dirty dwarfs”. Of course, Stony took exception to that. After an exchange of words, Stony went “BLAAAT” at Matreus. The DM allowed a saving throw, and Matreus avoided most of it, but Stony got his new boots ;)

Fortunately, Stony was more interested in getting solid land under his feet, so everyone disembarked without further trouble. There being only one inn in town, we all ended up in the same place.

So we sat around for awhile, had drinks, and chatted. Stony (feeling much better with LAND under him) did have a little talk with Nel. A bit of fellow feeling for another fighter (even if he is human ;).

We learned about the recurring problem of pirates, and that someone named Tom (who worked at the inn) was missing. Then we went to see the mayor, who gave us the job of finding Tom. He offered 20 gp each, but Matreus pushed him to 35 on a good roll.

So off we went to – haha – the sewers. You know the traditional first-level opponents, right? Of course, rats. Dire rats, in fact. We fought our way through a couple of bunches, and found what was left of poor Tom, which was just his badge among a pile of bones.

That happened pretty quickly, so we decided to poke around and see if anything else might be down here, especially loot.

We came across more dire rats, and then the king rat. This critter was tough. In looking over the log, I noticed there were a lot of low (below 10) to-hit rolls, and the rat had a damage reduction of 5. Took awhile to put it away, but Stony managed it in the end.

There was a lot of talk between some of the others about the rat, and the odd markings on it, so we took the hide to show the mayor. Then we pressed onward.

At the end of this part of the sewer, we ran into a sewer wisp (as I saw by the log). Stony went charging right for it as the thing let off a spell (looked like Stinking Cloud). He made his saving throw (gotta love those Dwarven bonuses!), took a magic missile shot from the thing, and then walloped it into eternity with a critical hit. The wisp had damage reduction 5, too, but it hadn’t helped. Hehe.

By this time, we figured going back topside was a good idea. Besides, Stephan wasn’t looking or feeling very well (diseased). So the party returned to the inn to tell Moira (the innkeeper) the sad news about Tom, then went to collect the reward from the mayor.

Stephan stayed behind and went to bed, though Stony urged him to visit the temple for healing. I’m hoping he can be persuaded (one way or another) next time to get over there.

Anyway, at the mayor’s we showed the rat skin and the sage wanted it for further examination. Nel offered to sell it to her for 100gp (Stony is liking him more all the time!). After extended discussion and bargaining, we finally sold it for 35 gp (total, not apiece). So we came out with 41 gold each for the job, and that’s where the session ended.

This is an interesting bunch, and so far, all excellent rp’ers. Quite different from my last group. The DM is good, too (how could I not like a DM who lets me have a Dwarven war axe? ;).

And I didn’t drop once during the session! This one is held Sunday afternoons 3-5:30 PM my time, so maybe that helps. Whatever, I’m looking forward to the next one. Stay tuned, sports fans!