A few days ago, in Ebay Dumps Virtual Auctions, I posted that the auction giant was dropping all listings for VRE. Now, it, seems, they’ve made an exception.

Second Life has been exempted from the ban. The main reason appears to be that eBay isn’t sure what SL is; that is, they don’t think of it as a game in the usual sense.

Thats because Second Life is built around an in-game economy, where most other MMOGs aren’t. Also, anything a player creates or owns belongs to that person, and can be sold for real money.

So, for now at least, Second Life players can still post their virtual goodies on eBay. Gamers from other MMOGs will have to take their business elsewhere.

The article (link below) discusses reasons for eBay’s delisting of VRE, including increased government interest and legalities. I’m not sure about that first one.

After all, if eBay is worried about tax repercussions, that would likely apply especially to Second Life, which encourages ownership of virtual items.

Then again, as the piece points out, the founder of eBay has a heavy financial interest in SL. Is that a factor in the decision to keep the listings?

Or will eBay decide that the whole thing is just too messy, and drop Second Life in the future?

EBay Keeps Second Life Listings