The typical strategy game is all about domination. You build up your military, your resources, your population, and take over the continent, the world, the galaxy, or the universe. Now there’s a game with a different slant: peace.

The game is, in fact, called Peacemaker, and is based on real-world events and politics: the conflict between Israel and Palestine, along with the inner Palestinian conflicts.

You can take either side, but the goal is the same: establish peace and a reliable government in Palestine. Methods will differ, however, depending on which side you play.

That’s all I’m saying about the game itself; you can read the article on Gamasutra for more details.

This is a pretty daring project, considering it isn’t based on history, but current events. Along with that is the non-judgmental aspect, where neither side is thought of as right or wrong.

That, as the article mentions, is likely to put a few backs up. In any type of conflict, people like to take sides, even when they’re not directly involved. Peacemaker puts a dent in that, since being aggressive is a fast way of losing the game. You can win only by bringing peace, not war.

Of course, I won’t be playing it myself. Strategy games aren’t my thing, and I’m apolitical by nature. But some of you out there may find this to be of interest, especially given the subject matter.

Peace. It’s a wonderful thing. We can use more of it in this crazy world.

Peacemaker article on Gamasutra