We’ve talked several times in the past how most games these days are mainly variations of “same-old, same-old” with prettier pictures. One reason is the reluctance of publishers to take a risk on something new while the “good old stuff” still works.

But if they were willing to take a risk, what would shake CRPGs out of the rut? Is it even possible? Do the majority of players really want something different, or are they satisfied with minor variations on a theme?

My own feeling is that the market is pretty much content with the way things are, and that anything too radically different from what it’s used to would not succeed.

Regardless of setting or mechanics, the usual sequence is create a character, run around the world doing errands (“quests”), and face off against Foozle at the finale.

Is there something better than this? Or should we just accept that as standard, and hope for refinements such as better story or more character involvement in the game world (as some upcoming games have promised)? What do you think?