Over on the Just Adventure forum, I came across an interesting discussion about “other games” that might, with a bit of work, make good adventures.

There was also a link in that thread to the boards at Quandryland, where a sort of offshoot discussion was taking place, on how one might combine an adventure game with RPG.

Of course, that sort of thing had already been done to some extent by Sierra with their Quest For Glory series. In those games, you chose a base character type – fighter, mage, or thief – and many of the puzzles had multiple solutions, which one to use depending on your character.

The JA posts concentrated on how the “other” game might be turned into a pure adventure, but I think the ones at Quandryland have more interest, especially as we’ve just been talking about “innovation” in CRPGs.

They were trying to come up with ways of tying stats/exp gains to solving puzzles, with and without combat. Of course, QFG did have fighting in it, being a hybrid of CRPG and adventure.

In reading the Quandryland messages, I noted they seemed to be stuck mostly on the stats part. They overlooked the matter of skills. Why not have it based entirely on skill sets?

After all, we’re looking at solving puzzles here, not bashing hordes of orcs. What skills would naturally be related to the particular adventure, and increases could be made through use, or points awarded for solutions, or a combination.

This would allow a wider range of settings, too. CRPGs, as we have noted (more than once!) are mired in the quasi-feudal fantasy milieu. Skill-based adventures could be applied to any number of settings, past, present, or future.

Of course, such a game would probably not be easy to do well, but I think it could be done. This could really add a new dimension to adventure games, plus give them something that is sorely lacking: replayability.

Typically, if an adventure has more than one ending, you have to replay through much of the same stuff, including puzzles. Combining the CRPG approach with adventures would give multiple paths with different things along each.

Check out both threads, and see what you think.

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