Subject: Like a circle in a spiral…

Yes friends, once again we bring you live reports from the field. We know this update is a bit tardy, but much has been happening and we finally had enough of a breather to get this message to you.

mwsewers1a.pngOur hero (whose name, by the by, is Mokor – pronounced moe-core) had decided once and for all to track down a cure disease spell. Naturally, he no sooner acquires this spell – after a long and weary search – than he goes through a process that renders him immune to every disease known to man (and probably a few that aren’t). Timing is everything.

However, now feeling ready to take on the Dark Brotherhood (perhaps, since your memory isn’t what it used to be, you may have forgotten these were the assassins after me earlier in the game), I teleport into Mournhold, the capital city of Morrowind.

Arriving in the palace, naturally I inquire of a guard about the DB. He joyfully tells me they can be found somewhere in the sewers under the Grand Bazaar (outdoor shopping mall). He can be joyful because he isn’t heading there and I am.

So off to the sewers. That’s plural, because the bazaar sewer connects with others that are part of the old city over which the new one was built. Ah, what a wonderful maze they are. Wonderful in the warped minds of game designers.

Chopping my way through assorted undead, I come across a Distressed Lady (and no, I didn’t save before talking to her. DON’T ASK!). She tells me her lover was killed by the infamous Black Dart gang in the Temple sewer. However, his ghost keeps coming to her trying to get some message through. Why he can’t do this is a mystery. Anyway, she asks me to keep an eye out for him (or it) and maybe I can hear the message.

So onward through the sewers, and eventually I find the Dark Brotherhood stronghold, and promptly wipe them out. I also find the contract for my assassination.

With that out of the way, I decide to find this ghost, since the Black Dart guys sound like another group the world could do without.

This entailed many boring hours of going mainly in circles, mucking through the turbid underbelly of a great city, trying to find the temple sewers, while hacking my way through uncounted numbers of goblins (much tougher than the D&D cannon fodder gobby). Round and round we go, and where the exit is, nobody knows.

Finally I decide there isn’t any way to get there from here. Then it took a few more hours before I could find my way back to the Bazaar sewers with the way out (there can be only one..or one and a half if you count the palace basement).

Now I have to find the temple sewers from up top. But first, I go talk to the Captain of the Royal Guard about the Dark Brotherhood. Guess who set up the kill?

The king.

That’s right, the King of Morrowind put out a contract on me. Maybe this is not surprising, as the king has a somewhat unsavory reputation. Possibly related to the deaths by “natural causes” of the previous king and his heir. And a few other people, too. Rumors are everywhere about this little matter.

The Captain tells me that well, maybe the contract could have been a mistake (though he will never admit in public that kingo did that). If I could find the source of those rumors and let him know, that might improve my situation.

Pondering this, I continue my search for the temple sewers. First stop, the temple courtyard. A diligent scouring of the area is fruitless. Perhaps in the temple itself?

Will Mokor find the Temple Sewers? Will he ever get a quest that doesn’t involve sewers? Stay tuned for the possible answer in our next thrilling installment!