So we had the second session of “Shades of Moonshae”. For awhile, it looked like I wasn’t going to make it on for the game.

I was having a lot of trouble with my ISP. I did manage to get in long enough to leave a note for the DM about the problem. But it wasn’t until about 3:30, a half hour into the session, that everything settled down and I could get into the game.

Fortunately, this being RP-oriented, everyone had spent the time chattering away, with a Brother Korik, who wanted some help in clearing his monastery of a beetle infestation.

Some were interested; others, like Stony, wanted to know what was in it for them. Monasteries of Ilmater aren’t known for their riches. And Matreus wasn’t interested at all; he didn’t fancy himself as an exterminator.

It was about then that Stony noticed a new arrival, Kit Lockspringer. He accused her of trying to pick his pocket back in Amn before boarding the ship (Kit is Klara, and we arranged this between ourselves prior to the game). That caught a few people’s attention. Heh.

Kit hadn’t succeeded, and had dropped her thieves tools while skipping out. Stony offered to sell them back to her for 10 gp, but Kit didn’t have the money, so Stony hung on to the tools.

Finally, the party decided they may as well do the monastery, since Korik said they could keep whatever they found, in addition to a small monetary reward. Matreus still didn’t want to go. At least not until he overheard a couple of drunk guards mention a wizard wanted for something or other. Probably just coincidence ;).

The place was only a short distance from town. We got there without incident, but a few stirges were outside the monastery, along with a beetle or two.

Those fights were a sort of omen of things to come. Reviewing the log, I saw a lot of low (under 10) rolls during the combats. That was going to persist through the rest of the expedition. Healing rolls were low, too.

Stephan cast Cure Light Wounds on Stony and healed all of 1 hp. The second spell also brought back just 1. It was not going to be a good afternoon.

We went inside and started cleaning out the place. Around one corner, three or four beetles were congregated. It was a nasty fight, and Stony went down for the count. He wasn’t dead, but slowly dying. After it was over, Stephan got Stony back on his feet. Healing spells were still low, and even Stony’s healing potion only managed a meager 3 points.

We went on through the main floor to the cellar, and, of course, more beetles. At least Stony didn’t take too much damage, and another healing potion finally brought him back to max hp. Just as well, since Stephan had run out of spells.

It was also bad, because Kit was poking around in a room and somehow managed to set off a trap, which put her down, and in fact, it looked like she was dead.

This caused much consternation among the party members, especially as Stephan was out of spells. Stony did have some bandages and used those, though they seemed to do little good.

However, Stephan prayed mightily to his goddess Tymora, and somehow managed to bring Kit back, though she was not in great shape. Luckily, she had a healing potion of her own which restored her to full points.

After a little more fighting, we found a room where the party could rest. Those who needed to, sacked out, while the others stood guard. With all restored, and the place cleaned out, we headed back to town.

On the way, we came across a very odd deer. Very odd, and hostile. Extremely tough, too, as I saw from the log it had damage reduction 10, which meant even powerful blows didn’t hurt it much.

Luckily, Matreus’ familiar, Inferno (a mephit), managed a couple of critical hits on the thing, and with the paper cuts from everyone else, the critter finally went down. After that, we made it safely back to town and the inn.

This was a pretty rugged session, and we ended up with not much to show for it besides some scars. Brother Korik doled out 15 gp each. Kit had managed to come up with a mace+1 (“just lying around” she said ;), which went to Stephan.

Stony had a cheap malachite gem, and a mace he grabbed as backup weapon. A couple other things were found, but as they were robes or scrolls, he didn’t pay much attention.

At the moment, Stony is bemoaning his thin purse. He desperately wants enough gold to buy some chainmail, but the way things are going, he’s just managing enough to buy a healing potion or two, maybe. He’s beginning to wonder if suffering through that horrible sea voyage was worth it…