Over at MTV.com (yes, MTV), Stephen Totilo has an article about hitting the game wall. That’s the point where you run up against something you just can’t overcome. The trapped hallway. The Uber-boss. The cavern you can’t seem to jump.

He’s discussing these moments of agony in console games, but PC products have had theirs, too. Offhand, I can’t recall any game I quit for that reason, except one. Usually, if I quit on a game it was because I thought it terrible for one reason or another.

That game was Moebius, from Origin Systems. It had an Oriental setting, which was a change of pace from the usual feudal-European one. Unfortunately, I could never get very far into it.

Every game started with a drought on. Water was not easy to come by. And if it wasn’t water, it was food. So I was usually either dying of thirst or starving to death.

One time, I found an area with plenty of water. Of course, I couldn’t stay there forever, and you know what happened when I moved on. I really tried several times, and finally gave up. Just staying alive was too much of a hassle.

Aside from that one, though, I can’t recall any game where I gave up because something was impossible. Hmm. Wait a moment, here. Y’know, there was some sort of space game, that I dimly remember giving up on because there seemed to be nowhere to go after a certain point.

That’s all I remember; can’t even bring the title to mind (there’s that “Fade Of Memory” again ;). Maybe that’s just as well.

So what game or games have you ever given up on, because there was a situation you just couldn’t get past? Or, did you use a cheat to help you over that spot? Or maybe – ha! – you never had that moment?

You have to wonder why designers suddenly drop a powerful obstacle in your way like that. Tough is one thing, insurmountable is another.

Hitting The Game Wall on MTV