Well, folks, it’s just been one of those days. Got the patch cd this morning, and a big thank you to Xian for kindly sending it to me. But no, it’s not in just yet.

I spent most of the day trying to fix up that graphic problem with the strange smears. Went through the advanced in-game settings, and nothing worked.

So while wading through the official forums, I learn that Nvidia had new drivers out. Got those (a mere 40 meg download and a couple hours of my time; wish I’d known beforehand so Xian could have sent me those too, but oh well).

The drivers came with a new control panel, and it had default settings for NWN2. I played around with those for awhile, and none of it helped.

Back at the forums, more research turned up the fun fact that the NWN2 profile in the control panel is set to the wrong .exe file. So of course, anything I changed had no effect on the actual program. Hahaha.

By this time, I was just too dizzy, literally, to keep up with this graphics stuff. Figured I might as well do the patch. So I got online and started the update to get the new version of the patch utility.

That went well, and of course, when the actual download for the main patch started, I cancelled it. Logged off, unzipped the patch into the NWN2 directory, brought up the game, and clicked “update”.

“A connection to the Internet has not been detected”

I will not share my thoughts of that moment with you. You can use your imagination, but I’m certain it’s not up to the task.

Xian included a third-party updater that works offline, but I have to check that it will work with the patch before I try it. Obsidian must have had some reason for updating the updater. But that I will do tomorrow.

And I still have that graphics business to take care of. There’s supposed to be some way of fixing the entry in the Nvidia control panel. Some people have been using a utility called “Nhance”, but I’d rather do it myself if at all possible.

One of these days, no doubt, I’ll actually get to play Neverwinter 2. Which day, well, that’s another matter. These are the times when I miss those 5.25 floppies….