Just a quick note to let you know I was finally able to patch the game offline. Went back to the boards and found out what was wrong.

Turns out that you shouldn’t unzip the patch file into the main directory. You just put the whole zip there instead. So I deleted the .rtp and did that. Then I ran the updater (it can run separately from the program).

Again, it said “no internet connection”, but after a brief pause, it found the zip file and did the patch. Took about six and a half minutes. And a good thing I did the online update of the patch utility last night. You need the latest patcher for this to work.

Unfortunately, the graphic problem persists. I brought up the trainer mod (being tiny and fast), and sure enough, the smears were still there. Y’know, I’ve been all over the tech support board, and I can’t find anyone else who has the same problem.

Lucky me :(. But I’m still hoping to find a solution. If I could just find the way (without using that Nhance utility) of getting the Nvidia control panel to use nwn2main.exe I might be able to do something.

However, I’ve made some progress at least. Maybe I’ll get this problem licked, too.