Got a little further on this afternoon. Leveled everyone up to third, which was a bit time-consuming. But first…

nwn2 screenshotThe screenshot to the left shows what I mean by smears. They are not shadows because I turned them off. There are three dark lines about center, and one light one from the pig upper right, all stretching left.

That just happens to be here; the smears can stretch in any direction. Sometimes this anomaly is worse. But they appear in any scene, including the closeups and cutscenes. So now you know what I see in the game.

Back to the action. As soon as I heard that speech from the mayor at the awards ceremony, I knew there was going to be trouble. Sure enough, chapter one starts with the village being attacked.

Kip the rogue wasn’t there, but Bevin and Amie were. I got my weapon (nice to know the game gives you one; the one I had Weapon Focus in, at that) and out we ran to the fray. A bunch of grey dwarves and bladelings were the enemies.

We smacked them down and then Georg wanted us to round up some militia to help with the fighting. Had a hard time with that until I realized we had to cross the bridge to another part of the village.

Then we came across Tarmas facing off with a Githyanki mage. That was bad news. And then Amie, stupid Amie, decides she can help, and promptly gets herself killed.

However, whatever the mage wanted wasn’t here, and he took off. But we still had the other attackers coming in waves. With a full complement of militia, this wasn’t too bad, although I really hate fighting in the dark.

Between attacks, some critters slipped into Bevin’s home. We went in there to get them, since there were kids in the place. Turned out to be a snap. Momma Starling had three tough dogs, and with them on our side, the dwarves didn’t last long.

Back out into the next wave (reminded me of HOTU in a way), and just when we thought they were over, one more comes along. However, my foster daddy showed up just then with some Elven archers, and that put finis to the attackers. At least for now.

Of course, a hero’s work is never done. Now we’ve been sent to some ruins to pick up a silver shard. Being familiar with D&D (or AD&D), let’s say I have my suspicions as to what that shard is. Especially after that mage duel.

So Bevin and I are now in the swamp, on our way to the ruins. No doubt we’ll end up fighting our way there and back, and probably in the ruins, too. Swamps. Ick.