Well, I decided to take a break from you-know-what, and catch up on some news and also post a couple things I forgot about in the search for graphic purity.

First, the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences, hanging out in lovely Las Vegas, held their 10th annual awards last night. The big (really big) winner was Epic Games with Gears Of War, hauling in eight awards.

No surprise, Oblivion was best CRPG, but then the competition wasn’t too heavy in that category.

I browsed over all the winners, and the only categories I wonder about are “Outstanding Achievement in Character Performance – Male” and “Outstanding Achievement in Character Performance – Female”. Are they giving awards for NPCs now?

Moving right along, a few days ago Spiderweb finally released Geneforge 4 for Windows. Good timing, Jeff. You couldn’t wait until after I finish NWN2 ;) (then again, I should be done by the time the first patch is out. Heh)

Finally, Jade Empire: Special Edition has gone gold and is scheduled to be in stores by the end of the month, Feb. 27th.

AIAS Awards for 2006

Geneforge 4 demo (25 megs)