Yes, apparently he really does. Even if he creates such games himself. There are two things he dislikes (despises?) about CRPGs, and the current article (first of two parts) takes on one of them.

What he’s bemoaning in this piece is the standard “start at level 1 and work your way up” sequence found in every RPG. And I have to agree with him, it’s usually tedious, however many side quests they throw in to keep us occupied.

Of course, one of the few pleasures of that route is watching your character or party grow in strength and become more competent. At the same time, it takes time.

And there IS something annoying about that level 1 start, where PCs are just barely competent, and struggle along. We’ve all done this so much now, I don’t have to go into detail about it.

Unfortunately, unless you’re bringing an advanced character into a sequel (such as from NWN OC or SOU to HOTU), there’s not much to be done about it. Maybe start off a little higher than level 1. But that does happen in NWN and NWN 2.

The “beginner” or tutorial section in each of those gives you enough experience to enter the game proper (i.e. chapter 1) at third level. But I suspect that’s not enough for Jeff.

Even with that, there’s still the time factor. It takes quite awhile to become really good in these games, with time spent on the old “frag and grab” to build up.

Yet for many, that is part of why they play. For them, the journey is at least half the fun. Read his rant and see what you think.

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