We made it inside the fort without incident. First person we met was Cormick, actually from Neverwinter (by way of West Harbor, so he’s one of us). He’s been trying to get Vallis, the temporary commander, to start up the patrols again, but hasn’t had any luck with that.

So we talk to the guy, with the same result: nada. On the other hand, with three patrols and the actual commander mysteriously missing, he does have something to worry about. Naturally we volunteered to investigate.

Touring the fort for anyone else with conversation, we happened on a cleric of Ilmater. Bandits stole his holy symbol and he wants it back; he can’t do healing without it. Why thieves would want a holy symbol is unknown. Of course, we offered to retrieve it for him.

And just for good measure, among some refugees, we found one who told us about some of them being held for ransom by bandits. Same bandits that stole the holy symbol.

Since we could (haha) kill two birds (or many bandits) with one quest, we decided to visit them first. Besides, the only other location was the graveyard, and I hate undead.

On the way, we came to a bandit “toll booth”. Fortunately, I was able to intimidate them into leaving. Unfortunately, we arrived at the camp at night. I hate fighting in the dark as much as I hate undead.

After much chaotic running around and whatnot, we killed all the bandits outside. Then we went inside the bandit HQ and took out the rest. Or so I thought. Anyway, we looted the place, found the holy symbol, and then freed the prisoners.

Naturally, bandits who hadn’t been there before suddenly appeared (setup! setup! I hate this stuff). Good thing it was daylight. Made it easier to find them and we didn’t have too much trouble.

We returned to the fort, collected rewards, and I got that morning star identified by the blacksmith. Turned out to be a Bone Phoenix, quite a nice little weapon. Also explains why that lizard chieftain was so tough.

Anyway, with the gold we had now, I bought Khelgar a Dwarven axe+1 and a tower shield. And a few healing potions for him and Neeshka (I have her staying back with a shortbow+1; she really isn’t the melee type).

So it was time for the graveyard. Naturally, it was dark when we arrived, and we ran all over the place (with my finger on the Z key all the time; last game the tab key did the highlighting), killing undead.

I had switched to the Phoenix as the better weapon here. No crits on undead, and skeletons take less damage from sharp weapons. It also allowed me to use a shield.

There were two crypts in the place. The first one we checked was small, though nasty. One thing that is seriously annoying me is the frequency of disease from zombies.

Khelgar and I both have good fortitude saves, but when you roll low – and I mean under 10 – too consistently, the bonus is worthless. I still have some healing kits and a potion or two, but at this rate, it doesn’t look good.

In the second crypt, we came across a nasty cleric (killed him, of course) and the missing Commander Tann from the fort. He told us he thinks three of his men may still be alive in this place.

Of course, we decided to look for them. Tann joined the party but he’s not actually one of the group. I can’t switch to him or look at his inventory. I don’t think he has any weapons, either.

I just hope I can keep him alive and get him back to the fort. Stay tuned, sports fans.