So with Tann tagging along, we poked around the place some more, and found his three missing men. All in different locations, of course. Two were still breathing, but one was dead. Tough luck for him.

Those two made it back to the fort on their own. Tann stayed with us. Partway along the road, Vallis turned up. He declared he was going to stay in charge. Just like that.

I tried to intimidate him, but it didn’t work (another low roll, I’m sure). However, then Khelgar spoke up, and managed to change the minds of the soldiers with Vallis, and he ended up being arrested (Vallis, not Khelgar ;).

That finished up the fort for us. After a brief rest and re-equipping, we headed to High Cliff. On the way, we ran into them again. This time, a druid popped up and gave us a hand (nice turnabout there).

I decided to take her with us, though Khelgar and Neeshka weren’t too thrilled about that. We went to some druid glade that was supposed to be safe. Hah! It wasn’t.

Looks like evil and corruption are everywhere. We learned that the druids who were part of some “circle” are “lost”, presumably to evil. So we trudged on to High Cliff, and they have problems, too. Are we surprised?

No ships can get in or out of High Cliff. Some sort of lizard beings are attacking any ship that tries. And of course there are individuals who have problems, too. The woman with the missing husband, the couple with the missing son, and the guy who wants his back pay from adventurers who never returned.

Fortunately (I think) all these things centered about the same place, namely some ruins outside of town. On our way there, we stopped at Shandra’s farm for information. Unfortunately for her, while we were talking, some lizards snuck in and burned down her barn, along with the harvest.

Nothing we could do about that, so we continued on to the ruins, and another rescue. One of the lizards, called Slaan, was fighting a bunch of undead. We helped out and talked to him afterwards.

He has some friends trapped in the ruins. We agreed to help in return for a chat with the lizardfolk leader about the ship sinkings. So Slaan joined our party, much the way Commander Taan did. He’s there, but I can’t look at him, etc.

Y’know, Khelgar has his points, but he’s a little too ready to rumble sometimes. We got into a fight with some drunken sailors in High Cliff, because of that feisty dwarf. I really thought that unnecessary. I’ll have to keep closer tabs on him, if possible.

Anyway, once again, it’s undead. Why do they do this to me? I hate undead.