Last Sunday’s session got off to a rocky start, and left the players in a somewhat unpleasant position.

First, in session two, Grace had changed from being a mage to a bard. However, for some reason, that change didn’t take at the end, and she came back in last week as a mage again.

The DM tried various tricks but nothing worked, so she ended up having to reroll as a bard. We didn’t mind, since we were also waiting for our cleric to arrive, but he never did.

In fact, later that night, I asked the DM and learned that Stephan had dropped out of the game for good. This was very bad, as you’ll see.

Meanwhile, we did some shopping. Poor Stony sold what little he could and just managed to afford a couple of minor healing potions. Maybe I should change his name to Stony Broke instead of Stonebeard ;)

But at least Kit finally broke down and bought back her Thieves Tools, for all of 10 gold pieces. So Stony has a pittance, anyway.

So we were sitting around the tavern and mostly bemoaning our lack of gold, when a messenger arrived to say the mayor needed us again. This time, he wanted us to investigate the shadow creatures showing up here and there.

These were the same as the tough deer we met on the way back from the monastery job. Naturally, we were reluctant since (a) we had no magic weapons and (b) the mayor was offering a munificent 50 gp each for the job.

A long session of hard bargaining followed, with Nel starting off by demanding 500 gp (each). Neddah the Sage (NPC) piped up with information that we could find some magic weapons on a nearby island.

Stony turned rather pale hearing that (no, not a ship again!), but it didn’t stop him from entering into the debate. He felt that a magic weapon and 350 gold (each) would be fair.

He, and just about every one else, also wasn’t thrilled to hear that the weapons were in an old crypt. And there we were, with no cleric. Neddah, however, gave us an amulet she thought would help against undead.

In the end, we bargained down to 200 gp each, the weapons, free food and drink at the tavern, and free passage to the island.

Matreus bugged out as soon as he heard the “free drink”, and proceeded to get himself stinking drunk. He can chug pretty fast when he wants to.

So on the trip over, we almost had a barfing contest, between the drunken wizard and the seasick dwarf (who barfed at Kit when she made – deliberately, of course – unappetizing suggestions to Stony for his condition; she made the save, though. Shucks!)

We arrived at the island and promptly ran into several ghosts, who were not hurt in the least by our weapons. After a couple rounds of that, Grace tried the amulet, but didn’t do it right.

So we were mostly running all over the place to get away from them. Stony felt terribly shamed by that, but there was nothing else he could do. Finally, Matreus took the amulet and presented it, as we’d been told to do, as a holy symbol, and that drove the things off, at least for now.

We began exploring the outside of the crypt, and found a chest. I don’t know if Kit blew the trap, or what, but a pair of shadows popped up. They were hard to kill because of concealment, but at least they were vulnerable to our weapons.

The party continued on, running into another ghost, which Matreus drove away with the amulet. Then we came to the crypt entrance, guarded by something called “The Grim Walker”. Happily, he could be hit, and after a long fight, Stony finally put him down.

Here we found the first of the promised magic weapons, a sword. We don’t know what kind yet; that will be for next session. A session that is likely to be tough. Undead. I hate undead.