So we got back with the documents safe and sound. Naturally, the captain had another assignment for us. Escort duty. My favorite job. Ha!

Someone named Fihelis had been informing on Moire’s merry band, and they found out. So we had to go to his house and bring him to HQ. I didn’t like the sound of that.

I liked it even less when we walked in because the door wasn’t locked. If he was in fear of his life, would he leave the door open?

Of course the place was just crawling with tough thugs. We managed to clean out the first floor, but it was touch and go for awhile.

One reason for that was whiff-whiff-whiff. I don’t know what’s going on here, why suddenly the rolls are coming up low (for us) so often. Okay, you don’t hit all the time. But when I see low (under ten) rolls come up again and again across multiple encounters, well, something isn’t right.

So when we got to the second floor, I had everyone stand in place, turned on god mode, and went through on my own. Naturally, that didn’t help with the whiffs, but in time I cleared the floor (could almost have read War and Peace in the meantime).

Eventually I found Fihelis, still alive, being threatened by Moire. That was a surprise; hadn’t expected to come up against her so soon, or to find him alive. No matter. After a long fight (a LONG fight), Moire went down for the count, and her pet thugs – who were surprisingly easy – quickly followed.

Then we escorted Fihelis to HQ, which, happily, was automatic. I was dreading going through the streets with him.

And still we don’t have entry to Blacklake. Nope, despite all we’ve done, there’s more work first. Now we had to go out of town, and mess with orcs at a place called Old Owl Well.

Some emissary from Waterdeep went missing around that area, and who else would they send to find him?

But first, we had some business with the guy after Neeshka. We talked to Ophala of the Moonstone Mask. Ophala no longer runs a “house of joy”; the Mask is just an ordinary tavern now (developers getting squeamish here?).

She told us where whats-his-name’s house was, and we went over there. The big boy wasn’t in, but he had some friends guarding the place. After taking care of them, we grabbed the lucky coin and vamoosed.

Nothing else happened after that, so I guess something will when we get back to town. I wish he’d been there, though. That way we’d have cleaned this thing up immediately.

Anyway, there was nothing else to do, so we headed out into orc country.