On the way to Old Owl Well, we came across a Gnome bard. I don’t recall his name, nor do I want to. He just never shut up. In fact, he put us to sleep. I decided he wasn’t going to fit in with the party. Not unless he could put enemies to sleep, and I had my doubts about that.

We went on to the well and found an encampment of Greycloaks there. They were assigned to protect the well from orcs. Of course, a minor attack occurred, but it was easily beaten off.

The commander also told us about some unknown person or persons who were also attacking the orcs, and helping to keep them pinned down. He had no idea who or what they were.

We got the location of one orc lair on the map and headed out. Of course we had to fight our way through bunches of orcs, and found the way to the cave blocked by a rockslide.

This made no sense. How could the orcs get in and out with the way closed? (I could ask similar questions about the Blacklake quarantine, but now is not the time).

So we went around the long way to a troll lair. This was a piece of cake, as the trolls came only one at a time. Between my flaming sword and Qara’s spells (love that acid arrow!), they went down in no time at all.

We found a crate of blastglobes. Just the thing for that rockslide. A bunch were unstable, and after dropping those and Qara setting off a fireball, the way was clear. Sort of.

Naturally, we had to fight through more orcs to get to the cave, and more yet as we went through, looking for the chief, Bonegnasher. Fortunately, the cave was only one level, and pretty straightforward.

Bonegnasher wasn’t saying much about the missing emissary; he siced his guards on us and took off. We killed them and followed. Finally, when he was near death, he surrendered and talked to us.

Apparently the top dog orc chief has the guy, and no one knows where his lair is, not even the other orc chiefs. Ho hum. We told Bonegnasher to get out of here and not come back.

Outside the cave, we ran into an ambush where we’d already cleaned out orcs earlier. They were up on a ledge and I didn’t want to bother with them, so we just ran back to the world map.

When the map came up, I noticed a new place: Dwarven Scouts. They might just know what we wanted, so I headed there. However, we didn’t make it.

Instead, along the way, we came across a paladin and his forces duking it out with some orcs. It turned out this was the mystery bunch the Greycloak commander had mentioned.

The paladin offered to join our party, though Neeshka wasn’t too keen on that (no surprise ;). Since we were full, someone had to be dropped, and I figured the paladin would be better in fights than the rogue. Besides, she’d likely not be happy with him along ;)

So I let her go and took in goody two-shoes. This should be interesting.