Of course, getting to Eyegouger’s lair (such quaint names these orcs have ;) wasn’t all that easy. There were several blade spiders, and one BIG one, along with the usual orc cannon fodder.

No matter. We perservered, going through the caves and cleaning out the opposition. It went a little faster with the paladin, and my guy was able to handle traps and locks. Leaving Neeshka was a good decision.

An odd thing happened, though. I’d left everyone behind while I went scouting ahead for traps. Didn’t find any and was on my way back to them when a cutscene occurred with Eyegouger.

Somehow Casivir turned up in it, too. But Khelgar and Qara weren’t there. Uh oh. Sure enough, a fight started and with just the two of us, well, it was time for god mode. Got it going just in time. The paladin was down for the count, and I wasn’t in perfect health myself.

After it was over, I reassembled the party. Fortunately, if anyone “dies”, they come back after combat with one hit point. So at least there are no worries about needing resurrection stuff.

We looted the the bodies and continued exploring, since we still had to find the emissary from Waterdeep. On the next level, we discovered an unpleasant place with a few minor undead and the bodies of some of Casevir’s missing companions.

Farther along, we came across a shadow priest and a couple of friends. He wanted to take Qara and do something to her that didn’t sound at all good. Naturally, we couldn’t allow that, so we killed them all.

At last we found the emissary and he went on his way, and we did too. After reporting back to the greycloak leader, we returned to Neverwinter. But we weren’t getting into Blacklake yet. Oh no.

Now we had to head to the docks and prevent a bunch of Luskanites from entering the city. Surprisingly, we actually had help here from the Watch. That helped.

But there was a mage with the Luskan group, and I though this guy would never go down. Of course, whiffing didn’t help, either.

Anyway, we found there was more to come. This time a bunch of assassins had to be taken down. Looking at the map, I saw the location marked as “githyanki lair” (or maybe hideout, I forget which).

So we went in there and had a fun time killing githyankis and bladelings. Then we entered a room with a cutscene showing an extremely nasty blade golem popping in and laying waste to the githyanki.

Then it was our turn. That was one mean golem. Khelgar and Cassevir both went down, and I was thinking maybe it was time to restore when the thing turned around and disappeared. Whew!

By now, I was really tired of all these jobs for the Watch. But they surprised me. Finally – FINALLY – we got permission to enter Blacklake. Yay! I think. I just hope the guy we’re supposed to see isn’t dead, or gets attacked while we’re there.