You’d think, after all we’d done, we could be trusted. Nope. We had to have an escort going into Blacklake. Thanks so much, Neverwinter.

At least we got in to see the mage, and he told me what I’d figured out back at the start. The shards are pieces of a githyanki silver sword. Obviously a sword of great power, considering what each of the shards does for the bearer.

We also learned there was a mage named Ammon Jerro – now dead – who once had a silver sword and did research on it. His notes might be in the archives. Of course, our pass didn’t include that, but I managed to talk our escort into making a little detour.

No surprise, the place was overrun with githyanki and bladelings. After dealing with those, I had to do a stupid puzzle answering questions about some of the books in place.

Naturally, when the vault opened, I could see githyanki inside. THEY didn’t have to answer any idiot questions, of course. And there’s a cutscene where they talk about going after Ammon Jerro’s descendant, who happens to be the same Shandra whose farm burned down back in Highcliff (or High Cliff).

So we kill the ones in the vault, then do a swift trip to the farm where we have several fights with githyanki. Shandra didn’t want to come with us, but a final attack changed her mind. We took her to the Flagon, supposedly a safe place.

We didn’t get a lot of info from her about where Ammon had his Haven, because she didn’t know its location. So we all sacked out for the night.

Next – haha – there’s an attack and Shandra is kidnapped. What else would we expect? So now we have to go after her, and apparently she’s been (or being) taken to Luskan.

We learned that from the ranger Bishop, who didn’t want any part of helping us. However, it seems Duncan has some sort of favor to call in, or hold over him, and he’s forced into the party.

Just what we need, a chaotic evil ranger. Thanks so much, Duncan. Naturally, the last person to have with him is a lawful good paladin. So I added Khelgar and Qara. Qara, by the way, has been tremendously useful with her spells. I’m really glad I picked her up. Anyway, it’s time for the cavalry to ride. Or at least use the world map.