On the trail of the githyanki, we stopped in the village of Ember. How odd, no one’s around, and no farm animals, either. Bishop expects an ambush, though I didn’t need him to tell me that.

Sure enough, we only took a few steps and here they came. Two waves, actually; a second showed up after we disposed of the first one. Then a villager appeared and told us that Shandra was indeed with a group that had passed through earlier.

Just as we were about to exit, we had a conversation with someone named Marcus. First he said that Mokor would bring destruction to Ember. Then he changed that, and said no, it wasn’t him but someone like him.

Wonderful. Does that mean there’s a Mokor clone running around somewhere? I hope not. Fights against your “mirror image” or whatnot never go well for the real character.

Marcus also mentioned that only he would survive the destruction, but only if he had a certain item. Mokor let him look over the inventory, but nothing there appealed to Marcus.

Then Marcus looked at Bishop’s stuff, and asked for the skinning knife. Bishop claimed it was ordinary, but was reluctant to hand it over nonetheless. I convinced him to do it, and Marcus left with the knife.

I’m fairly certain this has something to do with Bishop in particular. Good or bad? I have no idea. And of course, I don’t know if what Marcus said about Ember being destroyed is true. But what’s done is done.

We pressed on to the Githyanki base, and naturally fought our way to the entrance. Inside, we found a welcoming committee of a Silver Sword Stalker and friends, who kindly took out time to answer some of our questions. After that, of course, we killed them ;) Oddly enough, this fight was not so hard as I expected.

Then we proceeded through the rest of the level. Aside from Githyanki, there were succubi, although they were not allied with them. Indeed, they were fighting and charming them. Of course, the succubi were hostile to us, too.

Looks like the King of Shadows is after the pieces of the silver sword, as well. This is going to be some weapon (at least I hope so) when it’s put together. Otherwise, no one would want this but the Githyanki.

Anyway, continuing on, we came across a contained devil being harrassed by succubi. After disposing of them, we talked to the devil. He offered to help if we would banish him back to his own realm.

He gave us some helpful hints, and we sent him on his way, though his remark about our meeting again was a bit ominous. So we went on to the finale, a meeting/fight with Zeeaire of the Githyanki.

Pretty tough combat, too, as Qara and Khelgar went down, and Bishop was almost down. I think it would have been easier if I’d remembered to use a certain item at the start.

So as Zeeaire is dying, she finally explains why they’ve been so determined to gather up the shards. They need the sword to fight….wait for it…Ancient Evil!

Ho hum. Yawn. Yep, that’s why they wanted it. Of course, I figured that out myself awhile back, what with the King of Shadows and all. Still, you’d figure they could have explained that before, instead of just attacking.

We can already see Mokor doing pick-up-sticks to gather the remaining shards, and heading into the final battle with KoS at the end.

Although I don’t know what he’s gonna do about the shard inside him. Uh huh, somehow one of those shards has been in his body all this time. I hope they have good surgeons in Neverwinter, because I think I’ll be needing that before the end…